Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Campus Rink

So this is the campus rink. Kind of exciting that the campus has its own rink, right?! The rink really isn't very big, but it is difficult to tell from these shots. I will try to get some photos with people on it.

The downside of the campus rink is the surface, which you can see below. It has tons of these flat pebbles embedded in it. The concrete slabs are about a meter square, most of the joints are not noticible, but there are three joints that will land you on your..... nose if you aren't careful.

The other picture here is of a side area with giant speedbump-like things. There are two of these. I can't really figure out what they are for. I've seen a rollerblader go down them, but at super slow speed. I, personally, have been avoiding them like the plague. I have no desire to hit this surface with any part of me other than my wheels. I'm sure it will shred skin and leave HUGE bruises!!

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